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completely uninstall MagicJack software then reinstall.

NOTICE: Use these instructions at your own risk, I am not responsabile should any Data be lost or your system crashes.
Its a good idea to create a restore point and to backup any important files before proceeding with any kind of registry editing.

Unplug the MagicJack USB Dongle. Go to "Start" in Windows and click on "run" and type ( regedit ) and press Enter.

Now Click on + Sign next to [HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE].

Click on + Sign next to [SYSTEM].

Click on + Sign next to [CurrentControlSet].

Click on + Sign next to [Enum].

Locate the folder called [USB].

Right Click on the Folder and Click on "Permissions".

In permissions Click on the Check Mark called "Allow" to the right of "Full Control".

Click OK.

Next Click on + Sign next to USB and locate two folders called "Vid1307". (if not there its ok continue)

Right Click on one at a time and select Delete.

Next Click on - Sign next to USB.

Right Click on the folder named [USBSTOR] and Allow permissions.

Next Click on + Sign next to [USBSTOR].

Locate the folders named: [CdRom&Ven_YMAX&Prod_MagicJack&Rev] [Disk&Ven_YMAX&Prod_MagicJack&Rev] Right Click on these Folders one at a time and hit Delete.

Delete the mjusbsp Directory and all Subdirectories. (probably at c:\documents and settings\(your user profile name)\application data\mjusbsp).

Use regedit to locate: [HKEY Current User] [software] [Talk4Free] and Delete the Talk4Free Key and all Subkeys.

Delete the MagicJack Directory and all Subdirectores. (probably at c:\documents and settings\(your user profile name)\local settings\application data\magicjack).

Delete any start menu and desktop Icons.

NOTE: MagicJack adds two files to the Windows System32 folder (usbaudio.sys and utscsci.exe).
No need to delete these files Especally if you have USB speakers.


Now you can reinstall your MagicJack

To get the best results from your MagicJack you need to optimize your PC and internet connection. To do this first go to windows update and get all critical updates and service packs. (Service Pack 3 is optional). Then go to and download the file TCPOptimizer.exe . If you have DSL be sure to set the MTU setting to PPPOE 1492. if you have cable use MTU setting 1500.

Do NOT use a USB extention cable with your Magic Jack. Plug it directly into the USB port.
If you must use one get the shortest one possable and of good quality.

If your computer locks up and video display turns off when you get to the desktop, your MagicJack has corrupted your video drivers.
This can happen if you crash or unplug the MagicJack while installing the Update.
If your MagicJack corrupts your video drivers when you do the MJ update.
Restart in Safe mode then uninstall your video drivers.
Reboot then let windows install standard VGA driver.
Reboot and reinstall your original video drivers.

If you have a Linksys Router WRT54GL you may have problems with dropping calls.
Go to Tomato firmware for WRT54GL this software will take care of the problem.

Panasonic no dial out with Magicjack Solution

My Panasonic KX-TC1871b will not dial out with Magicjack.
I may have a possable fix for this no dial out problem.
It works fine on a regular landline and also works fine with Time Warner VOIP.
The Panasonic cordless phone started this no dial out problem with the December 2008 upgrade.
I did some testing compaired to a corded phone by recording the DTMF output tones on each unit.
When i play back the Panasonic DTMF dial tones into the mouth piece of the corded phone it dials out perfectly and makes the call.
When i play back the corded phone DTMF dial tones into the mouth piece of the Panasonic cordless phone it does not dial.
This proves that it is not a problem with the DTMF output duration as others have said.
Comparing the audio output level between the corded phone and the panasonic cordless, I found the audio level of the Panasonic cordless to be a little less than half the voltage VPP output of the corded phone.
In conclusion i am going to attempt it increase the audio output of the panasonic cordless phone.
Today is the 2nd of feb. 2009 i will update this post when i get the result.
SUCCESS Feb. 3, 2009

Click here for the FIX
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