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Biquad Wifi antenna Plans
Here is an example using an F connector instead of a N connector.

WiFi Video Tutorials Here

Now you can use inexpensive RG6 coaxial cable.
RG6 has the same line loss as LMR200 - approximately 17db per 100 feet.
even though RG6 is 75 ohm coax, the antenna impedance repeats its self every half wave length.
standard RG6 has a velocity factor of 82% which means that a half wave length would be.
300/2.437=123 mm multiplied by .82 = 100.86 mm divided by 2 = 50.43 mm which is 1.9854330708661418 inches.
So every 2 inches is equal to 1/2 wave length of coax.
make your coax from the antenna to the wifi adapter an even number of inches.
now for the construction.

The element.

solid copper wire 244 mm long. bend as pictured 30.5 mm per side for Wifi.
solid copper wire 316 mm long. bend as pictured 39.5 mm per side for 1900 mhz cell phone.

the reflector.

you can use aluminum roof flashing its inexpensive and you can find scrap pieces large eanugh at almost any site where they are doing roof repairs. most roofers will gladly give you any left-over pieces.
cut a piece 150 x 150 mm then drill a 3/8" hole 1/8" off center for wifi.
cut a piece 166 x 166 mm then drill a 3/8" hole 1/8" off center for cell phone.

prepair the fitting.

get your chassis mount F-connector
now solder a 1" piece of wire to the ground side of the connector.
then solder a 1" piece of wire to the center of the connector.


now you can fasten the F-connector to the reflector, the hole is off center so that when the element is attached it will be centered.
here's a neet trick -- get a plastic soda bottle cap , drill 2 holes 1/8" apart from the center and place it over the wires.
this will serve as a weather protector and its just the right height for the element to reflector distance.
place the biquad element on the cap and "between" the 2 wires. you may have to bend the wires a little to get in between.
solder the element to the protruding wires and trim off the the ends of the wire.
For Cell phones add a 5mm spacer under the soda bottle cap to get the correct distance to the reflector.

use some silicone or similar calking to seal the wire ends to the cap and the cap to the reflector.
you can drill some holes in the reflector to attach it to a mast.
I make these all the time and they work great 9 - 12 db gain
depending on how well you make the element
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